Perfect Bali dinner

Last week it was our turn to cook “the perfect Bali dinner” for our school mates. Our friends are german and that’s why we wanted to make them something typical swiss.

Our menu was:

  • Cranberry Vodka drink
  • Pumpkin soup with pesto bread
  • “Züri Gschnetzlets” with Rösti
  • Lime cheesecake (no bake) with chocolate covered fruit and a piece of Lindor chocolate

In Switzerland this would be quite an easy menu to cook but here in Bali we had some challenges. All milk products are very expensive and can only be bought in special stores. We only have a small kitchen with no oven, so it was difficult to get all the food ready at the right time. Also we had to buy some additional dishes and cutlery because our kitchens aren’t equipped for that many people. And as it should be a perfect dinner we wanted to serve wine – which is also hard to find and expensive here in Bali as are all spirits expect for beer and local spirits. But we solved this problem by buying balinese wine in the duty free shop at the airport after our trip in Flores. And it was quite good 🙂

All in all the food turned out good and we enjoyed a nice evening cooking for friends in our little island home.

Quickly made salad for lunch

Mano Shrimp Salad.jpeg

What’s better than a fresh, home-made mango prawn salad with cashew nuts after a workout? First I fried the onions and garlic in a little butter, added the shrimps and spiced everything with salt & pepper. I cut the mango and the salad and spread the prawns with the nuts over it.


  • black tiger shrimp
  • onions
  • garlic
  • salt pepper
  • a little butter
  • cashew nuts

The perfect dish if you don’t have much time. The preparation takes max. 10min. 🙂

Bami Goreng – Indonesian Fried Noodles

Bami Goreng.jpeg

Orginally from Indonesia, bami goreng is a simply noodle dish. The noodles are traditionelly fried. First prepare all the vegetables and cook the noodles according to the instruction on the package. Then you can fried the noodles and all the ingredients in a wok. If you are meat lover, you can add chicken or beef. We have made a simple vegetarian version. Of course you can choose other vegetables too.


  • noodles
  • egg
  • carrot
  • china cabbage
  • onion & garlic
  • soya Sauce & ketchup
  • chilli
  • salt & pepper
  • pinapple

Orientation day smoothie bowls

For our first day of school and meeting our future class mates we wanted to have energy the whole morning. So for the first time we prepared food in our own kitchen. The day before we bought exotic fruit on the market, granola produced in Bali and a blender so we could create our own smoothie bowls. They didn’t turn out as beautiful as in all the cafés around us but tasted almost as good.

Just as we were about to leave for the orientation day and checked the invite on facebook to get the directions we noticed that we we’re a day early! So lucky us got a extra day of holiday.


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