Perfect diner at the Reuter`s

As it is cheaper to go out for a nice meal in Bali than to cook at home we haven’t been doing much cooking at home expect for super easy and fast dishes. But after two months we and our university friends started to feel like a nice home cooked meal. That is how the idea for the “perfect Bali diner” started.

The beginning of the perfect Bali diner was hosted by “the Reuter`s”. The sweetest siblings from Germany and seriously good chefs as well! They set up a beautifully decorated table and prepared refreshing welcome drinks with watermelon and mint. Then they spoilt us with three delicious courses. First we had two tartars, one with eggplant and one with avocado and a salad. Next they served fresh tuna which they bought from a local fish market and even made an extra vegetarian option. The sweet ending was a coconut mango pudding and chocolate covered cornflakes – feini, feini, feini.

Everything was very delicious and we give them 10 starts at least. We we’re very impressed that they were able to cook such a nice meal with all the challenges here in Bali like a not so well equipped kitchen (no oven etc..) and limited ingredients that you can find in stores and on the market.

Thank you very much for having us “the Reuter`s” and we really hope to get invited once again, maybe for Christmas 😉

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