First Aid Kit

Eye infection, skin rash, mosquito bites, scooter accident, diarrhea, cold and seasickness – we had it all. That’s why you should be prepared when you spend a semester abroad in Bali.  We recommend taking the following medications in a First Aid Kit with you:

  • Dafalgan/ Panadol
  • Anti-Allergic Tablets
  • Fenistil
  • Coal tablet (you will regularly have a Bali belly)
  • Eye drops
  • Neocitran
  • Merphen
  • Good wound ointment
  • Tablets for nausea
  • Prophylaxis tablet against malaria

I always have my First Aid Kit with me and was very happy about it many times, most of all when I fell with the scooter.First Aid Kit.jpeg

Here you will see step to step how we planned our semester abroad.

First we met with our professor mister Nast to discuss if Bali was a possible partner school and if the courses offered by the balinese university match with our schools courses. As Bali is not an official partner school of our school “HWZ”. When we got the confirmation that Udayana University Bali fulfills the required standard we were free to take the further steps.
When we had established that the semester abroad in Bali was a possibility it was time to check our finances. We searched for an estimate on how much we would spend and how high our cost of living in Switzerland would be for insurances and so on.
When we knew that a semester abroad was financially feasible we thought about our working situation. Isabelle had started a internship which would end before Bali and Vanessa arranged with her work that she could take a 5 month unpaid vacation.
School, finances and work were checked, so now we could send our application to Asia Exchange – we can only recommend them. They are an agency that organizes exchanges in Asia for a low fee. It was a very easy process and we got accepted right away.
In Bali it’s important to have all necessary vaccinations up to date and get some medicine for the trip in advance. So we arrange doctors appointments in advance to our departure.
We then booked the flights to try and get a good early bird deal and organized our accommodation. (We will write a separate more detailed blog post about this topic)
One month before departure we applied for the Visa, as we had to wait to get a study confirmation from the school first. We sent our passports with the required documents to the Indonesian embassy and have received a 2 month Visa which we will have to extend once we are in Bali.
About a week before departure we started thinking about what to pack and prepared all the documents for the trip.

If you are also interested in a semester abroad in Bali and have questions concerning planning, we are happy to help:

 get in touch

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